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Under the skin of beauty

28 Mar

Modern society would have us believe that beauty is a very external thing, that to feel beautiful we have to look beautiful.  Such a myth is born out of the belief that good looks equate to beauty – that without an aesthetically pleasing appearance you cannot feel good about yourself.  It is certainly true that if you are heavily invested in your appearance and devote lots of time and energy into looking attractive or different, you will find it difficult to feel beautiful.  This is because you are stuck in a rut where your self-worth is defined by your appearance.

Yet, despite the conditioning of society, we all know individuals who aren’t considered conventionally beautiful yet radiate an inner beauty – a sense of being at ease in their own skin.  Beauty is not just something that is enjoyed by those gifted in the looks department, but something that lies much deeper under the skin.  So, how do you tap into that ‘something’ and radiate your inner beauty?

I asked a group of women* “What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?”  Their answers were enlightening – the beauty they felt had very little to do with their external appearance.  They experienced feelings of beauty from knowing they were making a difference to others, using their innate skills and talents, spending quality time with family and friends, and generally being their most authentic selves.  It seems engaging in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable can make us feel an inner beauty that transcends any physical form of it.  Here are my tips for unleashing your inner beauty:

Do what you love

Whether it’s your work, hobbies or social activities, when you make time for activities that are enjoyable and meaningful for you, you will automatically feel good about yourself.  The simple fact is, when you feel contented, you radiate contentment, ease, and happiness – everything that embodies your inner beauty!

Use your talents

What are you good at?  When you focus on those skills or talents that make you unique, you make a difference by sharing your gifts with others – this gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment.  It’s that ‘warm glow’ you feel inside that shines through on the outside.

Be authentic, be you

Don’t compare yourself to anyone – you are unique, so you don’t want to be like anybody but yourself!  When you tap into your authentic self you will feel comfortable and content in your own skin.  Once you accept yourself, you will find that others will too – drawn to the ease you exude.

Challenge your beliefs about beauty

If you’ve grown up believing that only those with great looks can be beautiful, it’s time to change.  Beauty on the outside doesn’t guarantee contentment, being comfortable in your own skin or feeling good about yourself.  In fact, an outwardly beautiful person can radiate an inner ‘ugliness’ if they are not fulfilled or lack meaning in their lives.

Physical appearance is not the whole picture when it comes to defining beauty – what lies under the skin is a fuller, more enduring picture of what constitutes real beauty.  To quote body image expert Thomas F Cash, “Your looks are not everything, and you are certainly much more than your looks.”

* with thanks to members of the IASC, my friends, followers and fans