About Judi

I’m Judi (Ferriday) Craddock, owner and founder of Peppermint Style.  I set up Peppermint Style in 2011 because I am passionate about helping women to feel good about themselves.  In today’s society, the number of women who feel bad about their appearance is sadly on the increase.  Women are bombarded by media images of unrealistic ideals of beauty that are impossible to live up to, leaving them feeling unattractive and worthless.  Even though we live in a modern age, it seems women are still judged by their appearance over other qualities.

I’ve experienced poor body image myself and know the devastating effect it can have.  Teased at school over certain aspects of my appearance and then again as an adult by someone that I loved and trusted, it was a long struggle to see myself as a beautiful person, inside and out.  Through being coached, and becoming a coach myself, I learned tools and techniques to deal with the destructive and limiting thoughts that I constantly had about my appearance, and to notice those things that I did love.

Through my love of all things style, I learned to dress to make the most of the body shape that I have, learned the colours that work in harmony with me, and had fun developing my own personal sense of style that expresses my personality.

In 2008, I qualified as a  Style Coach, combining my coaching skills with personal styling techniques.  Style coaching is a holistic approach to style: it focuses not only on the shapes and colours of clothing to wear, but encourages women to love and accept their bodies.

Peppermint Style is my offering to women who not only want to look great, but want to feel good about themselves too. It’s time that we challenged the unattainable images of beauty, and saw ourselves as real women, living real lives, beautiful as we are.


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